Härdsmälta i Nässjö! 

Me and Margarethe just moved to Malmö. Bye countrylife, hello city! So much things to take care of before september tour starts, 15 concerts in 25 days, thanks to a lot of help from Laszlo, Paulina, Michal, Tigrics and others...

September things

September is coming close... some things finalized, some things still floating around. Humanoise Congress in Wiesbaden will be interesting to be a part of! 26 - 28/9 at www.humanoise.de Also to play in the little bauwagen in Hamburg 29/9 www.bauwagenmusik.de Looking forward to get somethings finalized in Munich and Budapest. Hope to get in contact with hungarian musician Tigrics. It would have been interesting to melt my sounds with his. At the moment, this track of his is nearly all i need

time for a change...

Just got home from a very intense week in Minsk, with Ensemble Morph, i am just so happy to have the opportunity to work with all those great people in that group. Wonderful.

Moved to tears 1...
I was moved to tears by the fact that all 9 people in the group, agreed to go by train non stop Malmö - Minsk. A trip that a lot of people might describe as uncomfortable, crazy, stupid, expensive and insane, 
while the morphans just get in to the slow mood, talking, thinking, a bit of drinking, looking at the landscape passing by, and also of course sleeeeping. Best way of travel, i think...

Moved to tears 2...

I was alos moved to tears by the fact that everyone in the ensemble is motivated to work for a continuation even though this 3 year long cooperation project between the music academies of Minsk and Malmö, now has come to and end. Now we are looking forward to a future of great music and one or more beers on the train. Exciting!

New new website

So, the old new website "www.hermanmuntzing.tk is no longer valid.
The New new website is www.hermanmuntzing.com
Thanks again Semi and www.sipapuarts.tk

Stress and happiness

Its a beautiful September day and i have been doing a lot of work, mainly concerning the Morph Ensemble. In just some weeks the 13 members of the ensemble will meet again, now to perform concerts in Sweden, for the first time ever! Stressful it is, but exiting and inspiring as well.
Ensemble Morph performing the piece "Morf 1" at Azgur Museum, Minsk, 2/11 2012.

Scedule getting clear...soon

All those details to take care of... soon will the scedule be finished. Glad to announce that we have 3 concerts and 1 masterclass.

New homepage!

Just now preparing last details around my new homepage www.hermanmuntzing.tk 
Web designer Semi Espectral www.sipapuarts.tk is helping me with all the work...

Bad news!

Just found out that the Embassy of Belarus, in Stockholm, will close. This is very sad information, due to the fact that me, my wife and all the 12 musicians in the Ensemble Morph were about to meet in Minsk in October. Now i don´t know whats going to happen with this project.... it really hurts my heart.